How Mobile Ready is Your Business?


Creating content that adapts to different media devices presents its own unique challenge. When people visit your website from their mobile device, what do they see? How long does it take the pages to load? Are the buttons large enough to see on a small screen? Getting these questions right will mean the difference between a positive mobile experience for the user (and ultimately a sale) and a negative experience that makes the user leave the site early and gives your brand a bad reputation.

In order to achieve these goals you need to make sure your site is optimized for mobile browsing. Customers don't care what device they are accessing your site on. Be it the latest Google Android device, a shiny new Iphone or a budget phone from a supermarket. A growing company needs to ensure that their website provides a seemless experience across all mobile devices.

Mitkom Websites provide the answer for us as they load almost instantaneously and work on all mobile devices, regardless of their screen resolution or brand. The key to a functional mobile website is to present the information in a structured and logical way. By showing the customer the key information first you reduce the time they spend searching for the information they require which helps keep them engaged with your website.

It may seem logical to always put the needs of the customer first but with all the cool new widgets and features modern websites have, and the vast amount of data that is often needed to be presented it’s easy to lose sight of your objectives. 

With time pressure ever present and the bottom line always in mind, it becomes difficult to justify using channels that don’t have a direct ROI or yield tangible results. However if is important to ensure that your customers experience and user journey is always a priority and this will lead to a better brand, customer loyally and ultimately increase revenue.