Welcome to Mitkom


Who are we?

Mitkom is a professional website development company in South Wales that has spent years developing an award winning online software package. Our products allow you to tailor your very own feature rich website and manage your content with minimal computing knowledge or technical know how.

That's great, but I'm looking for flexibility...

Will I be able to manage everything myself or will I have to come back for updates? We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of flexibility accross all of our products. Everything from page titles to page layouts, colours to general styles, images to videos, Facbook, Twitter and much more is entirely customisable via our built in easy-to-use website toolkit.

I'm interested, but what about the cost?

Mitkom Websites start from just £20.00 and so are the perfect solution for small business or projects on a budget. More Price information can be found here.

Sounds fantastic! How do I get started?

So you think we've hit the nail on the head and so do we.